Friday, April 24, 2009

Oooooh, I get it now...

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I just received an email this morning:

"Membership downgrade successful".

That's right, Netflix, no scheming on us. Chris and I just downgraded our 3-DVD-a-month to just two but we didn't want to have three DVDs at the house juuust in case that meant we could be charged for them for the whole next month. We beat the man!

Sure. Well, hopefully we finish the end of Amelie before too long. The Hellboy movies we saw this week seem like the most romantic thing Chris and I have accomplished recently since I actually stayed awake through both of the movies! Plus, Red and Liz are just TOO cute, right? Right, people? You know you want to see what that baby looks like.

Ok, so back to reality and the 20-page paper due soon. No, wait, it's too early for hysteria, so I'll wait until later to mull over this.

I love to read comics every morning. I don't feel childish about it because it is just one of my regular sources for entertainment. I don't regularly watch television and,until I got Netflix, hardly watched movies aside from my small collection (including the classic, Muppet Treasure Island) and the cinema feature once in a while.

Everyday, I read I used to keep a list of my favorite strips in my Mozilla bookmarks and save the ones I loved on my laptop, but all of that has been halted due to the site's recent makeover that allows me to be way more interactive with the strips. But, I haven't gone to deep into the account I created. I have my homepage with all of the strips that I know I want to read and when I think one is funny I usually use the e-mail option to send it to Chris. The comics currently on my homepage, in no order of laughability, are:

Arlo and Janis (favorite)
Betty (favorite)
Cow & Boy
F Minus
Family Tree (favorite)
Flight Deck
Jump Start
On A Claire Day (favorite)
One Big Happy
Pearls Before Swine
Speed Bump
The Born Loser
The Buckets (favorite)
The Meaning of Lila
The Other Coast
Working Daze
Soup to Nutz (favorite)

Oh, ok I see, they're in alphabetical order on the page.

As you see, I have some favorites out of these favorites. I used to think that I wanted to read a strip about someone like me, like when I first started visiting to read Ellington Way back in the day. Like On A Claire Day, it was about a young woman! I used to feel that way about Lila and her bar-hopping and man-wanting, but she is just too much of a {enter word here}. She needs some goals in life.

I used to love Diesel Sweeties but ever since they stopped showing on, I can't handle their storyline on their own website for some reason. I thought that strip was hilarious on At the same time, before I had so many that I looked at in one sitting, I also read Cow & Boy like it was the comic version of The Daily Show. That cow and boy were just too hip. I thought it was so cool but for some reason in November I stopped reading it and haven't been since. So, one day when I have nothing to do, it'll be a Cow & Boy marathon.

I used to read Red Meat, but ever since that one strip about the mucus, I had to stop. That was TOO gross. Even for Red Meat.

And, you know, I learn, too. So here is what "soup to nuts" means. Now, that is what I call a real-world education.

Oh, it's getting close to 7AM. I should be off, peoples. TGIF. =)

Don't forget about something happening tomorrow:

Sat. Apr. 25 -- 12 noon - 4 pm @ Deep Roots Market (parking lot)
Come enjoy an afternoon of delicious natural food sampling, music, community and fun! Local food vendors, area farmers, face painting, free stuff, recycling tips, sunshine (!) and a free dog wash for your friendly family pooch will all contribute to activities for the whole family -- and best of all, it's FREE!


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