Friday, April 3, 2009


It's not even 6:45AM and I already feel behind today. TGIF sure came up fast this week! But I still hear it pouring outside so I am sort of being a Debbie Downer right now projecting a wet First Friday, but I still plan on making the best of it. This weekend seems packed but hopefully it will be the send off I need before getting down to business and tying up loose ends for the semester.

Last night was a rainy mess outside but Chris and I decided to venture out and make the most of it by heading downtown to continue bulldozing through what seems like a million dollars in gift certificates to Solaris that we have. We got a few of the regulars and tried a few dishes but most are just O.K. I get the faint, I mean strong, feeling that most of the got tapas were frozen when I ordered them. But, the black bean cakes keep me coming back (well, until we run out of gift money) and I am a sucker for mozzarella so the Milano takes the edge off of my current battle against cheese (*whimper*). But, my goodness, Solaris, don't fret because you do have a winner and that is your--I don't even know the name of the dish--but that hot, pastry-wrapped cheesecake with the raspberry(?)-sauce drizzle drops us to our knees! For the first time last night, Chris and I each got our own. How unromantic but necessary.

But, it was nice to go out even though it wasn't nice out. It was good to hang out with Chris one on one since this week I seemed to be all over the place. My 9 to 5 plus one night of class has been offset by all the this-and-that I've been going to after work. Tuesday night, though, I caught up with him and a few others at Bar 40--wait, no we are actually going to College Hill Sundries--wait, wait, wait, forget that, we're headed to Old Town. Joel was here that night so it was good to see him!

Anyway, yesterday afternoon I decided to not go home for lunch; the concept wasn't as solid as I thought, going home to save money for lunch since all I had to do was drive up there and eat what I already had. I could totally jsut bring my lunch to work. There's also the cost for gas/time for driving to and from for a total of 30 minutes, leaving me only 30 minutes to indulge in, for example, Wednesday afternoon's delight of a handful of Doritos, oatmeal, really, really old chicken, and blackberry jelly on toast. The toast was the best part. Really, though, I just like to see Chris at lunch and take a little brain-break from officeness on the drive to and from the house, though I am usually stressing to make it there in 15 minutes or less.

Yesterday, I decided to hit up Friendly Center instead for two extremely pressing issues. First, I had to pay my late PO BOX dues (oh how lovely are grace periods)and get a bunch of bananas, stat! That's my new, or revised, addiction: banana in left hand and Skippy Natural (Creamy, of course) in the right, goodness in the mouth. My only revision was cutting out the bread, not to save calories, though, because the loaf is right next to the toaster to sop up the 40 ( or, three) jars of jelly I bought.

Well, it was kind of nice to go to the Harris Teeter for lunch. That used to be my lunch hang out spot, like a lot of people's it seems, but then I realized it was cutting into my not-really-a-budget-budget (even though it is way cheaper than going out to eat). You always see someone you know there at the Gucci Teeter, as Karen refers to it. It's the hot spot, right? Well, I remember when it really was when it first opened, and Kat and I would go and hang out at the couches in the back of the store. What happened to those?! It may have been getting too loiterishy but whenever we were there, well, after midnight usually, it was pretty quiet. Until we got there. But now, after all this time, I still get confused whenever I go towards the freezer section and realize that all the chips have been moved to my former living room space (sad face). Aaaaaanyways, the strawberries are on sale, the neon-petaled flowers are fresh and I know that a hungry Aden can curb mid-day hunger with some HT samples.

Time for work!

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