Thursday, April 23, 2009


FACT: I have a 20-page paper due by noon on Sunday, April 26, 2009.

FACT: I am officially freaking out.

I have left out what stage I am in, writing this paper, but let me just assure that I have at least started the process. A couple of weeks ago, that meant reading over the assignment in the syllabus, but I am a bit further along than that now.

So, today I'm at the clinic in the morning, then class and then another class. I've got some pockets of time between all of that, so I'll probably stop by the office at some point. I am feeling out of the loop in the office but it is also kind of freeing.

I didn't come into the office yesterday after my training in Raleigh. I was thinking about leaving the training before lunch, but then I thought it would be kind of silly as I would have then driven more hours than the length of time I was at the training. So, I stayed through lunch at the legislative cafeteria that makes the Caf look like a country club dining hall. I got a decent meal there, gave myself some indigestion, but was happy to find a seat there since it was super-crowded.

We then went over to the front of the building to get our group pic and I wanted to be a part of that so I was glad I stayed. We stampeded our way back into the legislative building and heard mutterings about why we couldn't walked up the stairs on the red carpet. I thought, been there, heard that story. But I can't find a decent link on it...sorry. =( haha

{A random cross in the fountain. Those lobbyists!}

Well, as I was waiting around for the tour of the legislative building for a second time, wondering if we were going to share the tour again with a group of third graders, I was told that I could leave since this was my second year of the Citizenship training, but it was the second half of the training that was new and I should have stayed...but I didn't.

And as much as I got lost getting into downtown Raleigh, I sure had some time hustling around trying to get out of the area. I did get back home in two hours, but I spent a good amount of time demonizing my GPS for tricking me into going into every single side street possible. Then I figured, OK, it may be my fault since I was trying to go down 64 instead of 40; I got to Raleigh on 64, pretty nice, and I was going to find one way or another to get back down that way. So, I ended up setting my GPS to take me to the "center city" of Siler City which made me feel like a genius. Genius.

There are roads with some funny names off of Highway 64. The one I remember the most is Crazy Horse something which I only remember because that's when 88.5 started to get static-y.

Luckily, 101.1 was still on clear as day. I was getting hot in my green long-sleeves and red windbreaker that together reminded me of Christmas which really confused me and made me want to turn the heat on. Then I remembered that the windbreaker was making me sweat so I nixed that idea.

Anyhow, I got home in time to watch Hellboy and Hellboy II with Chris. So random, but it was kind of nice. But, still weird to be watching movies when its super-bright made us feel, how do you say?, super-lazy.

Well, what's for lunch today? Where can I go that's new? On Tuesday, I finally decided to stop my Manny's Universal Cafe down at Southside. Again, I'm not a cafe-ing type of person and I wasn't sure if he'd have anything lunch-able, but I figured I could see what it was about and grab a cookie or pastry to go. I did get to talk to Manny himself who welcomed me as a new visitor and made me awesome turkey on wheat (and it didn't even have cheese on it and I still loved it!). I also got a mango smoothie (which he, like the guy at Tate St. Coffee, openly admitted was made from a premixed goop) and he assurred me that the only dairy in it would be a itt-bitty, teensy-weensy smidgen of vanilla creme (not cream?) powder to give it some body. I succumbed to my love for thick, liquid fruit and he rang it up. Here is what I ended up with:

I ate the bag of Lay's chips in the car so you're missing out on that, but you get the idea. I thought, wow, I could have made this sandwich at home. But, all in all, it was pretty good--a repeat buy!--and I'm in the Smoothie Club!

Oh, marketing. I'm not sure how often I'll have these, but juuuust in case.

Well, I am 2/3 of the way through my oatmeal this morning. It's just staring at me now, getting all crusty. *Sigh* I love you, too, rolled oats. I really do. I can't believe it's already Thursday. What a tease.

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