Thursday, April 16, 2009

End of the Universe

Well, here I am. Thursday night. TGIF tomorrow, I suppose, but only because the next day is Saturday!

Surprisingly, I am not so much pooped right now. I just came back from class and I have a lot of projects to sift through before I go to bed and have my all-over-the-place Friday. I think it's hilarious that right after we rearranged the office and I got this new huge, wonderful desk, I haven't really used it! My days have been so choppy this week since I've started my shift at the clinic in the mornings but it's kind of nice. I have been getting to the office at around 9AM before leaving to get to the clinic before 10AM but I'm more comfortable just leaving the house to get to the clinic at 10AM. I haven't been sleeping in, though. I get up even earlier than I did when I was leaving to be at the office at 9AM! Weird. But, it is nice to have that extra time in the morning to dilly-dally or even get some work done. My productive self doesn't have to start when I leave to go to the office!

I have been going to the office, the clinic, to class, running errands...all over the place this week! Driving to, walking to, waiting for, etc. So...yay for fast food!

That's bad, I know. This week has been filled with me NOT preparing my own feed. Monday was Cafe Carolina, Tuesday was a fantasy of Jimmy John's since I hadn't eaten the entire day since before 9AM until I came home at around 6PM but I ended up with ol' Subway. I accidentally ordered the $5 footlooooooooong that lasted me for two days. Wednesday, I cruised around the Guilford College area as I was waiting to attend the last part of the Border Stories series. I wanted to explore that area more since the only spots around there in my memory were the Red Oak that we went to to show Nils that we know a little something about beer over here and the Great Clips where Vidal gave me the honor to tell the hairdresser what to do to his 'do (though even I was hesitant to change it!).

Anyhow, so this is how I arrived to what felt like the end of the universe. I loved driving down W. Friendly away from downtown because the houses just got cuter and cuter. I saw that I had an hour before the event started to I thought, what the heck?, let's see where this sucker ends. So, I continued on, past New Garden Rd. (omg! Is that another Harris Teeter!?). I was shocked at how many developments there were. Townhomes, apartments, I mean where are these people coming from to move into these places? Is "If you build it, they will come" really true??? Goodness gracious. I find it shocking enough to think that along all of these pretty roads--Hobbs, Friendly, N. Elm--or whatever roads for this matter, there are lots of pretty houses, or just houses, whatever, I am talking about any major road, anyways, there are all of these side roads, neighborhoods within where there are even more residences!

Ok, that last sentence was horribly constructed but I think you can handle it.

To the point, I went all the way down W. Friendly until it ended...on W. Market St. I was speechless. I didn't know what to think. These behemoths of Greensboro travelocity came to a T. I seriously felt like I was at the end of the universe, it was so odd. But, then I got really hungry, so I turned around.

And that's also why I was cruising around. I had to etwas essen fast. My plan was to try out Jam's Deli but I got a tip from someone to avoid it like the plague. Oh, wait, now, my tipster tried to save me from Jam's but pleaded that I don't go to some other place out there in Quaker Village...what's the name?...hmmm...she couldn't figure out the name...but through her trials to remember this terrible establishment, I realized, oh! yes, of course, you are probably talking about Carolina's Diner! And she was. And I got all nostalgic. She got nauseated. Then I said, to her chagrin, "Nothin's finer than Carolina's Diner!" Oh, to hear that said with so much love and pride in a British accent once again.

It's almost 10PM! Time to...not be on here anymore! TGI...this!

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  1. Just saw your tweet to us. You're right, this photo was taken exactly where you ended up!

    Thanks for visiting Greensboro Daily Photo. Now I'm going to look around your blog some more!

    David T