Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Done, and done!

Whew! It's 7AM and I feel like the day is passing me by, but I just submitted my taxes so bring on the day!

Now, don't judge. I started filing my 2008 return a million years ago, but I was confused about one tiny aspect about TaxAct's whole Republic Bank thing that I just figured out this morning.

SO, time to celebrate! I'll whip out that other half of my $5 footlooooooooooooong that I ordered by accident last night and have a couple of strawberries before they rot. What a celebration.

Ok! Time to seize the day. Ooooh, I'll check on my TB skin test results today. Scandalous. hahaha

I LOVE my But more on that later. It's sub-time.

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