Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Baby Bumps and Something Blue

No, no life-changing events for me! Just cupcakes!

Yesterday, I finally got my TB skin test that I need for work (I mean, service!). It took no time sooooo I should have done it earlier but, hey, there ya go. Other than the receptionist yelling my PHI all over the place, I had a great time in the UNCG Immunization Clinic with its high volume of gossips mags (which Chris calls my secret addiction...well, thank goodness for Jezebel!). I read about all the bump-watch in Hollywood though I somehow knew that all those babies were already nacidos (beat that Spanglish, Latina Magazine!). Better late than never Hollywoodlicious gossip, right? Riiiiight.

Anyhow, after my skin test I decided to do something craaaaazy and get lunch somewhere that I wasn't familiar with, causing all kinds of lunch-time anxieties and potential for eater's remorse. I really wanted to coffee-shop-hop yesterday; I planned to try out The Coffee Break (or The Coffee Break, or The Coffee Break, or, OK that's enough) and Dolce Aroma Coffee Bar. I don't even drink coffee. And I dislike paying for a cup of tea. I do like pastries, though! That I do know.

I didn't make it to either establishment. First, I was worried that my driving time would be for nought going to The Coffee Break since I wanted something savory and wasn't sure if the place would have anything more than bags of chips or the Saran-wrapped Hogan's Groovy Gourmet and such that Tate St. Coffee (wow, new site to me!) has. Second, I didn't want to deal with parking (i.e., paying for or parallel parking) downtown, so I defaulted to cruising down to Friendly Center.

I always intend to check my PO Box down there but usually pass by when I see the jam-packed post-office parking lot on most weekdays. Good thing no one ever sends me mail (*whimper* except for bills from UNCG) or I'd miss something. I arbitrarily decided to pick up lunch at Cafe Carolina & Bakery. Well, the place does use the word cafe, so that satisfied my cafe-ing goal for the day. I usually scorn that place but I can't even remember why. I know I had been there just one time before yesterday, years ago. I think tht I thought it was too frou-frou and it has sort of a small-scale Mimi's-ish/Bravo!-ish/every other stamped restaurant-ish feeling to it. But, since my neon cupcake success this weekend, I had to see what these Cafe Blue cupcakes were all about.

I didn't know if I was getting breakfast, lunch or brunch.I was stunned by the many items on the menu once I got there, feeling pressured to order by the oh-so-attentive cashier though I admitted my ignorance and capriciously ordered, of course, a dairy-fied flatbread (hold the feta cheese(!) or as the cash register read, "no feta chz", whew!). Tsk, tsk, Aden, no cheese, remember?! Well, at $8 for just the flatbread, I was thinking that it better...better be worth it. I was actually given one of those buzzer things to let me know when my order would be ready; I thought, wait, this isn't going to take like 5 minutes??? I wasn't ready to wait! I awkwardly hung around the "bakery" (I put quotes around that word, if you didn't notice) and snooped around the somewhat limited selection of items for a marquee bakery. Almost right away I order a vanilla Cafe Blue cupcake. Professionally, as I am now a professional designer of neon-frosted cupcakes, I had to taste the competition. Personally, I felt like I was indulging in an ACC/NCAA/I don't even know about basketball Carolina Blue Carolina madness cupcake, which made me quite uncomfortable. But, Chris would have been proud.

I got my food seven years later after waiting in the pleasant dining set-up they have there at CC&B, watching people actually studying, chitchatting, and laptop-ing away. My buzzer thing (someone please help me name this device) scared the green tea out of me and I hurriedly snatched up my flatbread and shuffled out the restaurant to the safety of the dining room set-up in my car.

Can we say excessive packaging. Man, I felt like I had just come out of a Macy's or something.

The flatbread was surprisingly positively impressing. Boo on Olive Garden's flatbread, by the way. I had a slice while being confused by the dollop of sour cream in the middle, then decided to save room for the cupcake.

At least the packaging was recycled/recyclable. I don't mind your Cafe Blue if you let me think I'm being green.

And, yes, I did start this post at around 3:30AM. It's just before 4:30AM now and I'm getting sleepy again. I woke up at around 3 after falling asleep at, what, like 9PM, haha, and have I got a long day today. Well, at least I have written this post, updated my timesheet for April, and printed out my article for class this week. Now time to read it! Or not...

P.S. Rain, rain, go away!

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