Saturday, April 4, 2009


Pasta for breakfast? Why not?! I'm doing it up italiano today, I guess. We've planned to finally go to Dioli's in Winston-Salem today. Someone first recommended it to me as I confessed my tiramisu obsession (thanks for perpetuating the addiction!). Maybe we can meet up with Marshall and Patricia there cuz that'd be two weeks in a row! Last week I met up at the Bog Gardens with them and Karen and Erika to get our walk on.

It was my suggestion although I was kind of embarrassed when I realized how short of a walk it is through seemed longer when Chris and I went. Well, last week we walked the path a couple of times and Karen and Erika were melting over everyone's dogs, especially (as Karen puts it) the 'hotdogs'.

Yesterday, Chris and I had a short (and sunny) evening out. We basically skipped First Friday and left after dropping by the City View social, snagging up a couple of the Zen sushi rolls and then on a whim taking a tour of a one bedroom and two bedroom in the complex. I remember when they were still building that complex back in the day when I would stare at the construction while I was waiting for my train. I thought, who would live that close to the train tracks? Oh, wait, I did last year, when after I already signed the lease I realized that that wasn't a river like two feet from my back door.

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