Friday, March 27, 2009

Random Quotes

Cleaning out my email box and I found references though, but I'll say that I didn't say any of this. But, I find them true enough.

“Young children construct intuitions about issue of harm and welfare, fairness and rights, that develop into later moral conceptions of justice, equity, and compassion.”

Empowerment is “the restoration to individuals of a sense of their own value and strength and their own capacity to handle life's problems."

“At the present time, it is obvious that our main educational purpose is not the moral one of producing caring people but a relentless—and, as it turns out hapless—drive for academic adequacy.”

“Schools do not exist apart from society; they mirror it.”

“Peace building is a proactive strategy that builds a ‘peace consciousness’ and creates the conditions for sustained nonviolence and lasting conflict resolution.”

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