Tuesday, March 31, 2009

No cigars, no pipes, no clove cigarettes

Tricia and I got together for lunch today and tried out somewhere new for the both of us. We skipped heading to Jack's Corner and went to Grey's Tavern.

Whenever some of us are foot-cruising on Elm, we usually pass by Grey's though I often stop and stare until Chris says 'no'. Then we pop into The Green Bean or get our favs at Natty Greene's (mine being the T&A with cheddar instead of Havarti, chips, and a pint of Wildflower mmmmm).

Anyhow, I decided to try something other than a pita sandwich, the first thing to grab my attention on the menu, and tried something, well, to compare to the incomparable T&A, maybe? Well, I got the "Day After", a turkey and cheddar on white bread with cranberry relish and pecans...Thanksgiving-ish? I'd say so. It sounded like it'd be interesting but it just wasn't me. Now, I don't give stars or thumbs up or anything ike that; my grading scale is whether I'd buy the thing again or not. And, no Day After again for me. But, what did stay interesting were the really "freshly cut fries". I huffed and puffed when I first read that on the menu, but it was no joke!

So, Tricia and I firmly decided on ordering the pie: the Reese's pie. Goodness.

I got a water to make up for the pie, not that I even ate my whole sandwich anyways. I told Tricia that I'd pay for the pie ($3.95) because she paid for the parking meter, which was under a dollar, but I figured I'd eat the whole slice of pie.

And remember, no cigars, no pipes, no clove cigarettes at Grey's Tavern.

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