Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Finally, the post...

Ya know, let me actually do this perfume post. Seriously.

Take a look, everyone, at my stash:

Now, what do we have here...? Well, I took the photo yesterday and right now, the box housing all of my precious scents (see below...also housing some shower curtain rings and some 3M crap) is in the next room and...I'm not, so from memory, let me tell you about my babies:

First from the left, a small one of some kind of Calvin Klein I more or less stole from my mother but she wasn't using it anyways.

Second, Elizabeth Arden Red Door. Another that I swiped from my mother and, while I'm on a roll, I also took the fourth from the left, the Sunflowers, from her dresser but I haven't heard any complaints yet. I think I was naturally drawn to taking (stealing) the perfumes because (awww) it reminded me of how she smelled during my childhood. Wait, I think I meant during my adolescence. I think that, as a young shukorina, my mother was more drawn to spritzing that Poison.

Now, back to the line-up. Third from the of my all-time favorites that proved to me how much scent is tied to memory. College freshman memories out of a trial-size bottle from which I spritzed every single possible last spritz I could. And then...discontinued. My favorite Clinique Simply, a scent like a room full of delicious pillows, discountinued. But, I found my way to Friendly Center and hustled one of the two last bottles that the lady at the counter had. I handed her my non-existent but plasticized $50 and left like I was bringing home the new baby. But then I lost the bottle between here and Jacksonville and it was over. But, then Chris got me this bottle on Ebay and indulged in actually being able to surprise me with it...I always ruin surprises. =(

Next, well skipping the Sunflowers, the next and newest of the bunch, Clinique Happy. Chris me lo regalo'. No sub for Simply, but a nice edition!

And last, but certainly not least, can you guess? The full name of the little pinky is, say it with me, Bath & Body Works Tutti Dolci Tiramisu Perfume. And tutti dolci were every single drop. It's been years since I finished the bottle and B&B discontinued the line, but I sure open up that empty bottle's cap and take in what's left and go ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh...mmmmm...

And there you go. Worth the wait? =)

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