Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Finally, The Perfume Issue!

I just ate a couple of spoonfuls of peanut butter* straight out of the jar. Mmmmm.

But this isn't what all of this about.

See, friends (and I mean that in the most facebookish manner possible), I have created a new blog today! And, as a side note, it has nothing to do with perfume.

I decided to create a new blog for various reasons. Well, actually for one specific reason. I wanted to chronicle my outs-and-abouts in Greensboro, a city that I am close to calling my hometown. (P.S. is it ok to aspire to be a townie?). Today's creation of The Perfume Issue was prompted by an event that I attended tonight (more info in the next post). On my current new-fangled Windows Hotmail Live (Live! Exciiiiiting!) calender, I have jotted down/typed in some events that I would like to attend around town; these are connected to my interests including my service at the CNNC, conflict resolution, chocolate, etc. if you know what I mean. I intend to record my thoughts after attending these events. These thoughts may be things that I brought up in general discussion or dialouge at these events or some stray thoughts that I finally put together in one of these posts. Hopefully, you find them intriguing. Yes, 'intriguing', that word sounds as brow-furrowing as I look right now mouthing it to myself. And, hopefully, the fact that these things, these events, are happening in Greensboro or the surrounding area (that oh-so-vague surrounding area), it'll strike some chord in you. That is, if you know Greensboro.

So, sadly, this today is not the attempt at creating a blog rating tiramisus around the area like I promised you I would make. But no fear, plenty a post will be dedicated to that sublime dessert that really *does* pick me up! Hardy har har har. Don't choke on the cocoa.

And why entitle this The Perfume Issue? Well, if you are familiar with my previous blog (all 3 or so of you who read it), I continually promised to create a 'perfume issue' based on the fact, I believe, that I used to hate perfume but then fell in love with the Clinique wonder that made me a woman and then got discontinued. Boo.

But, here it finally is. In memoriam.


*The best peanut butter product out there (and I's had my fair share) is the new gloriousness that is Skippy Natural Creamy. I am sure the crunchy version is quality as well, though I've personally never tried it due to my general dislike for crunchy peanut butter and the current state of my mouth being filled with metal brackets...breakable brackets.

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