Sunday, March 29, 2009

Decrease for the crown

Oh, Sunday. Too early on Sundays do I come to the realization that the next day is Monday...

For the past three weeks I had a little something new to do on Sunday afternoons. I was taking a beginning knitting class at Gate City Yarns. I signed up for the class during First Friday last month (when I intended to spend my money for that night on some new, locally-made earrings).

There were 5 of us in the class plus the instructor and we all ended the class at various levels of completion of our hats--from finished to, well, my hat I suppose, as you can see below:

At the end, I wasn't dissapointed that I didn't finish my hat. I enjoyed the diversion of going somewhere new, doing something new, meeting new people, and working with, of course, that awesome sunshine-y yarn!

One day, one day, I may finish that hat. Just in time for summer! Well, I'd still need some more supplies to finish off the hat. I paid $45 for the class plus just under $20 for the yarn and book (I found out I had to buy that after I came in for the first class). Actually, before starting the hat in the second class, apparently we would have needed to buy new needles just the right size for the hat but I decided to not do that and found that I could actually work on the hat fine, just differently, with the needles that came with the class. I survived without any stitch markers though I did have some dropped stitches and the like here and there. All in all it was fun. The first First Friday I went to was fun--it was nice outside, we walked around downtown all over, from Lyndon Street Artworks to the Cultural Center and up and down Elm. Can't wait for the next one!

Now, time for a Sunday paper.

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