Tuesday, March 31, 2009

No cigars, no pipes, no clove cigarettes

Tricia and I got together for lunch today and tried out somewhere new for the both of us. We skipped heading to Jack's Corner and went to Grey's Tavern.

Whenever some of us are foot-cruising on Elm, we usually pass by Grey's though I often stop and stare until Chris says 'no'. Then we pop into The Green Bean or get our favs at Natty Greene's (mine being the T&A with cheddar instead of Havarti, chips, and a pint of Wildflower mmmmm).

Anyhow, I decided to try something other than a pita sandwich, the first thing to grab my attention on the menu, and tried something, well, to compare to the incomparable T&A, maybe? Well, I got the "Day After", a turkey and cheddar on white bread with cranberry relish and pecans...Thanksgiving-ish? I'd say so. It sounded like it'd be interesting but it just wasn't me. Now, I don't give stars or thumbs up or anything ike that; my grading scale is whether I'd buy the thing again or not. And, no Day After again for me. But, what did stay interesting were the really "freshly cut fries". I huffed and puffed when I first read that on the menu, but it was no joke!

So, Tricia and I firmly decided on ordering the pie: the Reese's pie. Goodness.

I got a water to make up for the pie, not that I even ate my whole sandwich anyways. I told Tricia that I'd pay for the pie ($3.95) because she paid for the parking meter, which was under a dollar, but I figured I'd eat the whole slice of pie.

And remember, no cigars, no pipes, no clove cigarettes at Grey's Tavern.

Monday, March 30, 2009


Well, I am here in the office doing some proofreading and waiting to head out with some others to the BCC forum tonight on 287(g) in Guilford County.

Anyhow, someone just shared a biscuit with me, a Bojangles' biscuit nonetheless. I am a sucker for biscuits, but I almost never eat them. Today is maybe the second time in my life that I have had something from Bojangles'. The first time was years and years ago when I was on a class trip or something, and even then I think I only got the fries. When I moved to NC from Alexandria and saw a Bojangles' for the first time, I was kind of in shock. I thought it was only on TV or something. I don't know why but it always reminds me of Pee-Wee's Big Adventure.

And, yes, I have that on my Netflix queue.

Oh, how I miss you Popeyes. And, Popeye.


Recently, I attempted to join a yahoo(!) group and remembered that I already had a Yahoo(!) ID--adentakeson.

So funny, because I remember loving that Yahoo(!) ID, which is originally my AOL screenname, because I created in in an attempt to capture my undying love (at the time) for HBO's Tracey Takes On...

Aaaaaand, just Netflix-ed it.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Decrease for the crown

Oh, Sunday. Too early on Sundays do I come to the realization that the next day is Monday...

For the past three weeks I had a little something new to do on Sunday afternoons. I was taking a beginning knitting class at Gate City Yarns. I signed up for the class during First Friday last month (when I intended to spend my money for that night on some new, locally-made earrings).

There were 5 of us in the class plus the instructor and we all ended the class at various levels of completion of our hats--from finished to, well, my hat I suppose, as you can see below:

At the end, I wasn't dissapointed that I didn't finish my hat. I enjoyed the diversion of going somewhere new, doing something new, meeting new people, and working with, of course, that awesome sunshine-y yarn!

One day, one day, I may finish that hat. Just in time for summer! Well, I'd still need some more supplies to finish off the hat. I paid $45 for the class plus just under $20 for the yarn and book (I found out I had to buy that after I came in for the first class). Actually, before starting the hat in the second class, apparently we would have needed to buy new needles just the right size for the hat but I decided to not do that and found that I could actually work on the hat fine, just differently, with the needles that came with the class. I survived without any stitch markers though I did have some dropped stitches and the like here and there. All in all it was fun. The first First Friday I went to was fun--it was nice outside, we walked around downtown all over, from Lyndon Street Artworks to the Cultural Center and up and down Elm. Can't wait for the next one!

Now, time for a Sunday paper.

More than a Woman

I missed a day of posting! Terrible.

Saturday morning I went to an ACCESS training until about 1PM (so, I did stay for lunch haha). The topic I went to was...conflict resolution! Tom was doing the training again though I apparently was excused from yesterday since I went to Galtung's seminars last semester. Oh, well, it was kind of nice to see everyone at the training since I haven't been to one in a while.

Driving to and from the training center I blasted 99.5 WMAG, my weekend replacement for 101.1 weekend jazz (sorry!). I'm a sucker for "the best of the 70s, 80s, 90s and today" though thank goodness 99.5 focuses on as much surrounding the Bee Gees as possible.

Speaking of that, it seems like at any time that I turn on WMAG, three songs always make it on air:

Lou Rawls, You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine

Soft Cell, Tainted Love

Bee Gees, More Than A Woman

My goodness, I love the Bee Gees. Surprisingly, I haven't bought any of their songs on iTunes. I bought a lot of other stuff and you would think that I'd buy something I loooooooooooooove...I remember having the record in my family's house in McLean. We also had a Dolly Parton record I loved but I have her on CD so I'm good for now. I decided to also just make a YouTube playlist of At Worst...The Best of Boy George and Culture Club, a CD that I actually bought twice and lost twice in middle school. Sad.

Anyhow, later that night, we all tried a new spot, The Brass Taps on Battleground. I think that's the farthest bar that we have been to is Cooper's. Brass Taps was smaller than I thought it would be; I always see the sign for the place on my way to Earth Fare (which is usually my business that far up Battleground) but on our way up there last night we passed it due to the facade of a Subway in front of the bar. Confusing. Chris, Patricia and I got food there and we all liked it. The bar wasn't smoky at all, which was very nice, though odd, too, because there were a few people smoking in the small space. The only overpowering smell was Chris' baconator burger. I got the Fat Tire beer that Graham had introduced us to but I gave it a nay. Karen loved it though, she said it tasted like a "real beer". For a while there I was eye-ing one of the Coors in Chris' domestic bucket (it's like family-style drinking!), but I was trying to stay classy. With my southwestern black bean roll-ups and all.

P.S. Those taquitos were goooood.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Random Quotes

Cleaning out my email box and I found these...no references though, but I'll say that I didn't say any of this. But, I find them true enough.

“Young children construct intuitions about issue of harm and welfare, fairness and rights, that develop into later moral conceptions of justice, equity, and compassion.”

Empowerment is “the restoration to individuals of a sense of their own value and strength and their own capacity to handle life's problems."

“At the present time, it is obvious that our main educational purpose is not the moral one of producing caring people but a relentless—and, as it turns out hapless—drive for academic adequacy.”

“Schools do not exist apart from society; they mirror it.”

“Peace building is a proactive strategy that builds a ‘peace consciousness’ and creates the conditions for sustained nonviolence and lasting conflict resolution.”

Just some notes

Wow, I am tired.

Just an unnecessary update on the whole parfum thing: I don't really use the stuff. Yea, you know, I use a little here and there on occasions like when Chris and I go somewhere special like Riva's or Fat Dog's, but other than that, I stay "naturally fresh". I hope.

Anyhow, I know I need to post about the event I went to this past Tuesday...I have all of my notes from the dicussion burning a hole through my bag now, so I swear to get to it today. Or tomorrow at the latest. I'm pretty excited that I've posted every day now for, well, 4 days now. =) Catch you later!

Tastes Like Cake

Did you see that fog? Goodness.

Everyday on my way to the office I see an awesome view of downtown as I drive towards Southside on MLK. I always seem to expect it but am also pleasantly surprised by the view of our small skyline on my commute.

But the first time I saw that view disappear it was after the fact. The fog mesmerized me until a while after I stopped at the S. Elm light at Natty Greene's and realized that I had missed out on my view for that day.

During today's foggy commute, here is what I saw. Or didn't see.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Finally, the post...

Ya know, let me actually do this perfume post. Seriously.

Take a look, everyone, at my stash:

Now, what do we have here...? Well, I took the photo yesterday and right now, the box housing all of my precious scents (see below...also housing some shower curtain rings and some 3M crap) is in the next room and...I'm not, so from memory, let me tell you about my babies:

First from the left, a small one of some kind of Calvin Klein I more or less stole from my mother but she wasn't using it anyways.

Second, Elizabeth Arden Red Door. Another that I swiped from my mother and, while I'm on a roll, I also took the fourth from the left, the Sunflowers, from her dresser but I haven't heard any complaints yet. I think I was naturally drawn to taking (stealing) the perfumes because (awww) it reminded me of how she smelled during my childhood. Wait, I think I meant during my adolescence. I think that, as a young shukorina, my mother was more drawn to spritzing that Poison.

Now, back to the line-up. Third from the left...one of my all-time favorites that proved to me how much scent is tied to memory. College freshman memories out of a trial-size bottle from which I spritzed every single possible last spritz I could. And then...discontinued. My favorite Clinique Simply, a scent like a room full of delicious pillows, discountinued. But, I found my way to Friendly Center and hustled one of the two last bottles that the lady at the counter had. I handed her my non-existent but plasticized $50 and left like I was bringing home the new baby. But then I lost the bottle between here and Jacksonville and it was over. But, then Chris got me this bottle on Ebay and indulged in actually being able to surprise me with it...I always ruin surprises. =(

Next, well skipping the Sunflowers, the next and newest of the bunch, Clinique Happy. Chris me lo regalo'. No sub for Simply, but a nice edition!

And last, but certainly not least, can you guess? The full name of the little pinky is, say it with me, Bath & Body Works Tutti Dolci Tiramisu Perfume. And tutti dolci were every single drop. It's been years since I finished the bottle and B&B discontinued the line, but I sure open up that empty bottle's cap and take in what's left and go ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh...mmmmm...

And there you go. Worth the wait? =)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Finally, The Perfume Issue!

I just ate a couple of spoonfuls of peanut butter* straight out of the jar. Mmmmm.

But this isn't what all of this about.

See, friends (and I mean that in the most facebookish manner possible), I have created a new blog today! And, as a side note, it has nothing to do with perfume.

I decided to create a new blog for various reasons. Well, actually for one specific reason. I wanted to chronicle my outs-and-abouts in Greensboro, a city that I am close to calling my hometown. (P.S. is it ok to aspire to be a townie?). Today's creation of The Perfume Issue was prompted by an event that I attended tonight (more info in the next post). On my current new-fangled Windows Hotmail Live (Live! Exciiiiiting!) calender, I have jotted down/typed in some events that I would like to attend around town; these are connected to my interests including my service at the CNNC, conflict resolution, chocolate, etc. if you know what I mean. I intend to record my thoughts after attending these events. These thoughts may be things that I brought up in general discussion or dialouge at these events or some stray thoughts that I finally put together in one of these posts. Hopefully, you find them intriguing. Yes, 'intriguing', that word sounds as brow-furrowing as I look right now mouthing it to myself. And, hopefully, the fact that these things, these events, are happening in Greensboro or the surrounding area (that oh-so-vague surrounding area), it'll strike some chord in you. That is, if you know Greensboro.

So, sadly, this today is not the attempt at creating a blog rating tiramisus around the area like I promised you I would make. But no fear, plenty a post will be dedicated to that sublime dessert that really *does* pick me up! Hardy har har har. Don't choke on the cocoa.

And why entitle this The Perfume Issue? Well, if you are familiar with my previous blog (all 3 or so of you who read it), I continually promised to create a 'perfume issue' based on the fact, I believe, that I used to hate perfume but then fell in love with the Clinique wonder that made me a woman and then got discontinued. Boo.

But, here it finally is. In memoriam.


*The best peanut butter product out there (and I's had my fair share) is the new gloriousness that is Skippy Natural Creamy. I am sure the crunchy version is quality as well, though I've personally never tried it due to my general dislike for crunchy peanut butter and the current state of my mouth being filled with metal brackets...breakable brackets.